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Savannah Cat
Kingdom: Animalia
Family: Felidae
Genus: Felis
Lifespan: 12-20 years
A Savannah cat is a cross between a domestic cat and a serval cat, a medium-sized, large-eared wild African cat. The unusual cross became popular among breeders at the end of the 1990s, and in 2001 The International Cat Association (TICA) accepted it as a new registered breed. In May 2012, TICA accepted it as a championship breed.
Leptailurus serval

Felis catus
Felis catus × Leptailurus serval

Life Cycle
This Savannah cat's life cycles is just like another cat life cycle: kitten -> adolescent -> adult -> senior
There's no special ability for this race, just like another cat but, this cat has a few unique fact about this savannah cat :
Savannah Cat's Unique Fact
5 unique facts about Savannah cat 

This cat has a stature similar to the cheetah and quite unique. Maintaining this cat will certainly give the sensation of wild animals but tame in your home. With the increasingly intense ban on maintaining the cat, the type of cats like a Bengal cat and Savannah became an alternative for forest cat enthusiasts who do not want to break the law to clandestinely buy and keep pet cat so pet.

This cat has a very long body size and legs. This makes it look as though this cat has a larger size than another big cat like a Maine coon cat. In fact, when compared, the actual size of the cat body is not too much different from other cats.

For those of you who are lazy to do grooming and routine maintenance on cats that you maintain, keeping a savannah cats can be a very good choice. With a short fur model is also smooth, savannah cats do not need to do hair treatment every day. Treatment is done once a week enough to keep the cat's hair healthy and good. In addition, this famous cat is very tough also not susceptible to cat diseases.

Although apparently quite ferocious also wild with a fairly large body size. The Savannah cat has the characteristics of friendly nature also friendly. He is friendly and kind to other cats as well as humans. Savannah's cats are very active and have good intelligence compared to other cats. So it's really fun to play with.

The Savannah cat is the result of a serval cats cross which is a genuine African wildcat type and a female domestic cat. From these crosses it is produced through experiments that have been done by an American breeder around the year 1986. After success, then produce an exotic cat which was then given the name of Savannah. This type of cat began to continue to be bred until recognized as a new type of cat by TICA in 2012 ago.

In addition to having a body shape and face similar to the cheetah, savannah cat type also has a beautiful fur pattern that is very similar to a big cat from Africa. Most savannah cats have golden-yellow feathers adorned with black spots wildcat cat hair. But, this cat can also have dark black hair. The difference is behind the black fur, there will be found hidden white spots.

1.which is the correct statement about the life cycle of the savannah cat?
   a.kitten -> adolescent -> adult -> senior
   b.adolescent -> kitten-> adult -> senior
   c.kitten -> adolescent -> senior-> adult
   d.kitten -> adult-> adolescent-> senior

2.when does TICA accept savannah cat as a new registered type?

3.Which scientific name is right for the savannah cat?
   a.Felis catus × Leptailurus serval
   b.Felis viverrina
   c.Felis Pardalis
   d.Felis geoffroyi

4.how long is the average lifespan of a savannah cat?
   a.7-9 years
   b.9-13 years
   c.6-8 years
   d.12-20 years

5.which cat size is almost the same as the savannah cat?
   a.Birman cat
   c.Maine coon cat
   d.Sphynx cat

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     Well, my last holiday is not the best holiday that I've ever experienced because last holiday I'm just staying at home.We can't go anywhere because my father is working at his office. So, I just spend my holiday time at home. Every day, I'm just doing the same activity like playing online games with my friend, helping my mother drying clothes, and other usual activity that I always do in schoolday time.
   But one day, my cousin called me to ask if I want to go to Transmart to play some rides there. Of course, i want, because in this holiday I'm just staying at home doing the boring activity. Then, I tell my mother that my cousin asks me and my family to go to Transmart Carrefour to play some rides at Kids City. And evidently my mother agree with that, I feel so happy because finally, i can go somewhere in this holiday, not just staying at home playing online games.

      The next day, its a weekend so my father off work. My family and I went to my cousin's house to pick up them. We went off from my cousin's house at 13.00 pm. It took about 1 hour from Pasteur to Transmart Carrefour Buah Batu.when we got there we went directly to the kid city which is located on the top floor of Transmart Carrefour. there we played on various existing rides like the rollercoaster, basketball, etc. After satisfied playing game rides, we eat together in the existing restaurant area. after that, we went to grandma's house to just visit while chatting until nightfall then go home.after that, I went back to a boring holiday day.

     On Sunday coinciding on 31 December 2017, my grandmother calls my mother and asks if we want to visit there to celebrate a new year with brothers and others while burning satay at night and joking until late. after hearing the news, I was happy again because at the end of the year can still have fun with the big family although its simple activity but it doesn't matter because the most important thing is togetherness in the new year.

     Although this year's holiday is not very impressive, I'm still grateful to be able to have fun with the big family at the end of the year.

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School Activity


     On Saturday, September 30, 2017, SMA Negeri 3 Bandung held a cultural festival "Gathapraya". This cultural festival was held at Lapangan Bali. In this event, SMA Negeri 3 Bandung invites Band and famous artists in Indonesia or maybe even in the international world such as Vina Candrawati (famous sand painter in Indonesia), Didik Hadiprayitno or commonly known Didi Nini Thowok, NIDJI, HIVI, Elephant Kind, and other shows.The price of this cultural festival entrance ticket is 50000 rupiahs only for students of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung and 65000 rupiahs for visitors from outside SMA Negeri 3 Bandung who want to see the cultural festival on that day.
    On that day, me and my friends follow a series of events that start at 8 am located in Saparua.There, we witnessed various cultural performances from various schools and continued with a parade around the area to invite people to come to the Gathapraya cultural festival. After that, we wait until the show begins.At 12 noon, the main gate has been opened to enter the cultural festival event along with a ticket purchase that is ready to serve visitors who want to enter the cultural festival event.
     The event went lively as time went on. Most lively again during the peak event at night, where the start of performances from famous bands and artists in Indonesia. The show ends at midnight. Hopefully next year there is a cultural festival like this event which is even more festive

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Conversation About Planning Holiday

(Alif and Naufal meet at the school before the class begin)

Naufal:"Good morning, Alif!"
Alif     :"Oh! morning!"
Naufal:"It'll be a long holiday soon after the end of the first semester,do you have any plan to fill your               holiday?what is it?"
Alif    :"Oh,yes of course, i would like to go to Sorong with my family"
Naufal:"Huh,Sorong?where is it?It sounds foreign to me"
Alif    :"Its located at West Papua"
Naufal:"Oh!cool.What will you do there?"
Alif    :"I want to explore the natural beauty of Indonesia especially in West Papua"
Naufal:"What vehicle will you use to get there?''
Alif    :"My family and i will use airplane to go there"
Naufal:"How much money do your family need to buy the plane ticket for go and back to Bandung?"
Alif    :"Its approximately around 25 million rupiahs"
Naufal:"Wow,that so expensive!"
Alif    :"Hmm yea its kinda expensive,but its worthed"
Naufal:"Oh,ok now lets go to the class together"
Alif    :"Ok,lets go!"

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Thank You,My Friend

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

     Today, i want to tell you about my experience when I was in junior high school.This experience includes a very memorable experience as well as unforgettable moment for myself.This moment/experience happen when i was grade 8. This is the story. One day,when I will go home after school,i forgot that on that day my parents could not get me to school because there was another need/affairs somewhere.So,when break time, I spent my pocket money until only left 2.000 rupiahs.of course with that much money can not be used for the cost of returning home using public transportation.

     When the school bell rang, i don't know what to do because all of my friend already go home,didn't have money left,need the money for other needs,etc. So, tried to call my parents many times while hoping they could answer my call and come to pick me up. But they couldn't answer my phone call because maybe they still busy with their affairs.

     An hour has passed, I'm still standing in front of school while trying to call my parents to get answers from them,but they still couldn't answer my call. I almost hopeless because if i go home on foot,it will takes many time and of course it will makes me so exhausted because the distance of my school to my home is approximately 6.7 kilometers. I don't know what to do except waiting my parents and keep trying to call them.

     Suddenly miracle happens to me, apparently there are still my friends who are still around the school and coincidence he still has the money.So, i tried to ask him to lend me his money around 3000 rupiahs so,i could go home by using public transportation. Finally, he lend me some money amount 5000 rupiahs. I feel so happy and grateful to god that helps me find the way how to go home without walk to home or waiting my parents.

     That's my experience when i feel so grateful to god.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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*At BEC*
Silmi:My name is Silmi,and what's your name?
Naufal:My name is Naufal,how old are you Sil?
Silmi:I'm 16 years old,and you?
Naufal:I'm 15 years old,by the way where do you live?
Silmi:I live at Jl.saturnus selatan 7 no.9,and where do you live Fal?
Naufal:I live at Jl.Sindang Sirna II no.345.Hmm Jl. Saturnus selatan?where is it?
Silmi:It's near metro trade center.
Naufal:Is it far from here?
Silmi:Yes,it is.
naufal:So,Why are you coming so far here?What do you want to buy here?
Silmi:Because i want to buy a new pc game,and what about you?
Naufal:Oh! same like me,i want to buy a new pc game too.
Silmi:What kind of pc game do you like?
Naufal:I like adventure game,how about you?
Silmi:I like shooting game , why do you like adventure game?
Naufal:Because it has a good setting,graphic,story line,etc.And why do you like shooting game?is it                 fun?
Silmi:Yes,it's very fun and addictive because it makes me focused to one thing like shooting another             player without getting shooted by other player.
Naufal:Oh,cool!would you like to teach me playing shooting game?
Silmi:Oh,of course.
Naufal:Ok,now lets buy a new pc game together first.
Silmi:Ok,lets go!

*after buying pc game*
Naufal:Can i go to your house to play game together?
Silmi:Yes,you can.Lets go to my home
Naufal:Ok,but not this time because i need to go home,see you later Sil!Bye!

Senin, 31 Juli 2017

All About Me

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Hello Visitors!Welcome to my blog.
  First, I would like to tell you about myself.My name is Naufal Ariq Habibi,you can call me Naufal/Ariq/Habibi. My birthdate is 29 April 2002. I was born in Bandung. I live on Jl.Sindang Sirna II no.345 with my parents and sister. You can come to my house to play or doing homework together. I studied at SMAN 3 Bandung. My hobby is watching movie, swimming, farming, take care of animal(pet) and also playing mobile phone's game, especially RPG/MMORPG/MOBA/FPS and also adventure game. You can also add my LINE account's ID:naufalariqhabibi,we can talk about anything and make a good friend relationship.

  Oh, the second thing that i would like to tell you is about my daily activity, i usually woke up at 3.30/4.00/5.00 on weekdays. Its kinda weird that why i woke up at 3.30 a.m. The reason is because of my unfinished homework. I usually do my homework at dawntime because i always slumber if i do my homework at night. So,why i dont do it on daytime after school? because its my refreshing time with my friend or my family after studying at school. Sometimes i usually meet up with my mid school friend to play together or watching movies at cinema. Or,if u want to go to cinema,you can message me from line so we (you,me,and my friend) can go to the cinema together and i think it will be more fun if i can gathering together with my new friends.

Thats all from me that i can tell about myself to you guys. See ya!
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


Savannah Cat Kingdom: Animalia Family: Felidae Genus: Felis Lifespan: 12-20 years A Savannah cat is a cross between a domestic c...