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Thank You,My Friend

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
     Today, i want to tell you about my experience when I was in junior high school.This experience includes a very memorable experience as well as unforgettable moment for myself.This moment/experience happen when i was grade 8. This is the story. One day,when I will go home after school,i forgot that on that day my parents could not get me to school because there was another need/affairs somewhere.So,when break time, I spent my pocket money until only left 2.000 rupiahs.of course with that much money can not be used for the cost of returning home using public transportation.
     When the school bell rang, i don't know what to do because all of my friend already go home,didn't have money left,need the money for other needs,etc. So, tried to call my parents many times while hoping they could answer my call and come to pick me up. But they couldn't answer my phone call because maybe they still busy with their affairs.
     An hour…

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